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22nd December 2012 - Part 3
  • Paul Kennedy December 2012
    ...even more updates at!

    BUM NOTES! - Film: Roxy is taking piano lessons from Miss Storm at the insistence of her father. But the fact she has made little to no progress in 7 months raises questions for Mr Valentynne. And he wants answers...from them both!!

    INTRODUCING MASIE DEE - Stills: It was huge fun to work with Crazy Masie Dee back in the summer and its a pleasure to introduce her today in her first stills set. Why Crazy? That will become evident in a subsequent film! Here we meet Masie nervously waiting in her bedroom for someone to arrive and discipline her...

    THE TRAVELLING DISCIPLINARIAN & THE SCHOOLGIRL - Film: The parents and school of Mila Kohl have booked the services of The Travelling Disciplinarian Agency to try and remedy her appalling behaviour before its too late.

    HAMPERING THE HANDYMAN - Stills: Kami Robertson keeps finding problems for her Landlord to fix. He of course sends his extremely handy handyman, which is actually the cause of all the problems Kami reports in the first place. This time she has gone too far however and finds out just how handy he is... at punishing her!
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  • tim December 2012
    Very nice ,best from ,Tim.