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22nd December 2012 - Part 2
  • Paul Kennedy December 2012
    Some more recent updates from

    START AT THE BOTTOM - Film: Lazy agency maid, Verity, has a spot inspection on the job by Head of the company, Miss Page. Who finds her slovenly, having yet another break and drinking the client's wine! It's time Miss Page taught the erstwhile maid a lesson.

    MY PREFECT STEPMUM - Film: Sally is dismayed when her father introduces her to his new fiancee, Nimue. Who just happens to be the prefect in the sixth form last year who made her life a living hell. And it seems she intends to keep on doing so when she becomes Sallys stepmother! Sally's reaction to the re-acquaintence of Nimue's slipper with her knickered bottom is extremely... well, damp!

    We have had no feedback whatsoever on this cross-over film so please tell us what you think? Should we do more?

    BAD GIRL - Stills: It used to be called Borstal. What its called now Zoe is none too sure but every day this sadistic superintendent in a leather jacket arrives and gives her a beating. Creative too; even the insides of her tender thighs do not escape a strapping.
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  • tim February 2013
    Very good with the 2 girls ,best,Tim.