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Glasgow, January 2012 - Part 1
  • Paul Kennedy March 2012
    (Very) belatedly, here are some of the results of our first shoot in 2012 and the last in our Glasgow location. Lucy and I moved south to Hampshire in early December and we still don't have a proper internet connection - Aaaghrrr! - so Northern Spanking is currently being operated from pubs and cafe's with free WiFi, hence the intermittent, sorry non-existent, updates to the Forum. I will try to rectify that, in some style, over the coming few weeks.

    And first is a report and samples of what we got up to in Glasgow. This was a special one and featured the long-awaited return of two of our favourite spankees, Kali Redmond and Roxy (sex-on-legs) Valentynne, plus the first shoot for two new girls, Phoebe Phoenix and Serena Storm. Enjoy!

    Poor little Kali, looking very vulnerable indeed!


    NSI106-KS060.jpg 86K
    NSI106-KS133.jpg 70K
    NSI106-KS137.jpg 79K
  • Hi Lucy and Paul
    Sorry to see you are moving from Glasgow. I wish you all the very best of luck in Hampshire. Hope 'my' Lochgelly XL gets plenty of work there.
    p.s. Where can I see Lucy in action in 'Behind the Bike Sheds'?
    Best wishes
    Bawsy Strang
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean March 2012
    Hey Bawsy,

    Your tawse is seeing plenty of action lately! The film Behind The Bike Sheds is inside the members area. The quickest way to find it is to search through the girls page for their film lists, so try under Kami Robertson or Donna Davenport, Emma Bishop or myself.
  • Paulblue12 February 2013
    Like the pink glow of her bottom..!